JACK Properties was started over 20 years ago. My Father, Kevin, started the company when I was a little girl. I guess you could say Real Estate is in my blood. It is so much a part of what helped me grow to be the person I am today.

As a child, I often spent afternoons with my Dad. I spent this time watching my dad work on people’s homes. Sometimes it was current tenants and other times he was restoring life to a home that was vacant. Every time I saw a piece of other people’s lives—I saw their homes and families.

I also saw the same thing from my dad, love and compassion. My dad always found ways to help people. It didn’t matter whether he was fixing their leaky sink or if he was showing them a new home. He found a way to help them, he found a way to show love to them.

It is because of him that I learned not only to love Real Estate but to love what a home can mean to someone. It is because of him that I can look at a house and see a home for a couple, a place to share a life together. It is through this love of Real Estate that I hope to help you learn what Real Estate can do for you, whether that is for your personal home or an investment.