The #1 Thing You Can Do to Sell Your Home

We all want top dollar for our homes and to sell them as fast as possible, but what really is the best thing you can do to achieve these goals?!? It’s very simple really. Clean out!

That’s right, it’s not the paint color (this does matter), or the flooring (also important), but rather it is literally all that junk laying around your house. Yes, the painting your 5-year-old made you is endearing and makes your heart swoon but your buyers aren’t going to see that. Instead, their focus will shift to your closet full of clothes and your pantry busting with old Tupperware lids! As a good rule of thumb, I tell sellers if it’s in a closet, drawer, or cabinet take half of it out.

The last thing you want your potential buyers to think when they walk through your home is that it didn’t have enough storage. Many people say, “Well the buyers should be looking at the home’s bones.” Here’s the thing, most buyers don’t have vision. They need to walk in and see a home with a few key pieces. They need to walk through a place they can envision themselves living in. They don’t need to walk in and see a place they could see themselves cleaning out.